Avarta partners with GBC.AI on Intelligent Credit Scoring for the DeFi World

Avarta and GBC.AI are working together to revolutionize the Defi world through the creation of a dynamic and intelligent credit scoring system. Avarta will incorporate GBC.AI’s technology with cutting-edge blockchain guardians, thereby allowing Avarta to calculate credit scores in an efficient, protected and adaptable manner.

The Avarta credit score is calculated across multiple chains with the purpose of giving users access to differentiated products such as lower collateralized loans. For example, users with better risk profiles can enjoy better collateralization rates or priority access for whitelisting.

GBC.AI incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into all blockchains, thereby helping blockchains evolve and develop. The key to this is that the guardians do not interfere with the consensus protocol. Instead, they are active protectors making blockchains adaptable, capable of preemptively locating and preventing threats spotting operational issues, immensely improving the blockchain. ​​

Williams De’Ath, Chief Communications Officer of GBC.AI commented:

GBC.AI is excited to work with Avarta to combine both companies’ bleeding-edge proprietary technology. We will deploy customised on-chain decentralised Artificial Intelligence powered solutions to assist the Avarta Credit Score.

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

Avarta looks forward to creating a new DeFi paradigm through the use of GBC.AI’s state-of-the-art technology. By having a dynamic intelligent core, we are confident that Avarta credit scoring model can evolve with the market demands and serve the needs of the users.

GBC.AI together with Avarta aims to provide more robust DeFi offerings. Utilizing AI allows Avarta to provide accurate, dynamic and intelligent credit scoring across multiple blockchains. Combining Avarta approach together with GBC.AI technical expertise provides us with outstanding opportunities that would never become available separately.

About GBC.AI

GBC.AI incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into all blockchains in a transformative way. We nailed down exactly how to implement our proprietary AI with DLT technology leading to optimization and improvements. GBC.AI wants blockchains to become dynamic and, more importantly, become self-aware. This is accomplished by detecting protocol issues and ensuring that vulnerabilities are pre-actively dealt with before they become problems, keeping blockchains efficient and safe.

About Avarta

Backed by patents, Avarta is a next-gen data authentication layer with a biometric cross-chain wallet aggregator and an innovative cross-chain credit scoring system.

Users using the Avarta Wallet can enjoy secure keyless crypto at their fingertips where their own biometrics and device behaviour become the access point and private keys to their wallets, removing the need to remember and securely save long seed phrases. Avarta users will also be able to gain access to differentiated crypto financial products such as loans with a lower collateralization rate based on their Avarta credit score.

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