CEO of Guardians of the Blockchain explains his passion for startups, data and blockchain.

3 min readApr 20, 2022

-- with Jillian Godsil interviewed CEO and Co-Founder, Pavel Entin. DIRECT LINK HERE: CEO of Guardians of the Blockchain explains about his passion for startups, data and blockchain — Blockleaders

Pavel Entin was born in the Soviet Union in 1976 when it was still under communism. His family are all academics, and his mother was keen for him to become a medical doctor. But his education took him to the US on a student exchange where he was part of a group of one of the first Soviet students to visit.

“By spending time in the US I was exposed to a very different world. I even went on a trip to the New York Stock Exchange where I rang the bell.

“I had no idea about private investment banks. I was blown away to discover that people and not governments could make choices about how money was invested.

Entin’s exposure to Western democracy and finance happened as the Soviet Union collapsed. Privatisation of many sectors emerged and he saw huge business opportunities in his native Russia. So he switched from science and chose instead to study economics, first studying a masters in International Finance before going to earn a PhD in International Economics.

Entin found he had a talent for finance and quickly built a career in finance, at one stage becoming the VP of Finance for the largest IT conglomerate in Western Europe. But he flipped into an entrepreneur through meeting up with a fellow fintech maven, Sergei Soloniam and they formed the first investment bank for the technology industry in Russia before going on to create the largest Telecommunications data centre at that time.

“Working for large corporates was interesting, the pay was good and the work steady. However, you can’t really make a difference, you are part of a very slow moving organisation.

“By becoming an entrepreneur, it’s different. Your fortune depends on you. Your life opportunities totally depend on you. But you can also do whatever you want.”

At a major IT conference in China, Entin witnessed firsthand many of the Web2 founders such as Mark Zuckerberg and others. What struck him was their youth.

“I was 30 and I suddenly felt old.”

When blockchain first came on the scene, it didn’t impress Entin at first. It felt like young people embracing a form of tech anarchy, but he was also conscious that financial institutions were not as effective as he first thought from his student epiphany.

“I was also very aware of the influence exerted on business, especially startups, by financial institutions. It was like large corporations, everything moved slowly at a glacial pace.”

Entin put together roadshows to help introduce blockchain startups to VCs — in fact his first roadshow in 2017 connected blockchain with AI — a prescient nod to the current Guardians of the Blockchain.

“Back in 2017, Blockchain advocates knew very little about Artificial Intelligence (AI) but even then I had an understanding that while blockchains protect data, the huge amounts of data are going to act like a bottleneck. That is where AI fits in, managing that data.”

Entin points out that data is growing exponentially all the time and it is vital to verify the data or it risks being unusable or fake. The growth of data and its value is also at risk of being secured and managed by large corporations or only those with money.

“At Guardians of the Blockchain we believe that there should be a technology based instrument that allows anyone to have access to verified data — this should be a right.”

Entin believes that the lack of verified data disadvantages ordinary people.

“Blockchains are great to secure the data but actually understanding data and processing data requires AI.”

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