GBC.AI looks back at a packed and eventful 2021

3 min readJan 11, 2022


The GBC.AI team wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022.

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We want to thank our investors, partners, and supporters who have spent a fantastic 2021 with us. We sincerely appreciate and value the trust you have given us. In 2022, we will be delivering the products and value you expect and more.

Up until Q4 of last year, we thought equity would work best for GBC.AI funding rather than a token raise, “We are a blockchain company, not a crypto company.” Over the last few months, we acknowledged that the VC and early-stage funding world is different from a couple of years ago.

Most investors today are interested in tokens, and we understand the reasons for this appetite. As a tech-heavy R&D company, this model of token funding is also our preference, especially as we engage with Blockchains, projects, and developers.

After many pitches and discussions with investors, we’ve started shifting our funding model towards tokens. We’ve offered our current equity investors token allocations as a first step. In 2022 we’re moving even further to pure token funding, and we’ll be opening a private token round early Q1 followed by an IDO end of Q1 beginning Q2.

GBC.AI has aligned with investors, and we look forward to growing with you in 2022 and beyond.

Less than two years ago, we envisioned applying Artificial Intelligence to benefit blockchains.

Today, as we drive towards realising our vision, we would like to share the events and developments that have shaped our evolution in 2021. We hope you will be joining us on our journey into the future.

Team expansion

Bringing two cutting-edge technologies together, developing products, and then taking them to market meant we needed more highly skilled and talented individuals to join our leadership team.

Product development, recognition, and awareness

Further development of our Blockchain Guardians and finalisation of our Simulation-as-a-Service Framework v1.0 drove extensive R&D across our teams.

With so much R&D, we sought validation from relevant communities and industry while raising awareness.


The Future

We have lots to announce during 2022, but for now, we have the following targets for the first quarter of the year.

We welcome you to join us on our journey.

Twitter: @ai_gbc

For information, partnerships, collaborations, integrations, investment in GBC.AI, and more, contact:

William De’Ath
Chief Communications Officer




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