Guardians of the Metaverse

Recently, GBC.AI and Avarta announced they are working together to revolutionize the DeFi world by creating a dynamic and intelligent credit scoring system.

Avarta incorporates GBC.AI’s technology with cutting-edge artificial intelligence blockchain guardians, allowing Avarta to calculate credit scores efficiently, protected, and flexibly. Avarta’s trust score is created with military-grade authentication assurance, creating a completely secure user wallet. Trust scoring ensures quality peer2peer Metaverse transactions, such as optimizing collateral for DeFi loans. GBC.AI is proud to support secure quality transactions that lead to a sustainable, trusted Metaverse and Web3 future for everyone. Guardians of the Blockchain are Guardians of the Metaverse, so Superpower your networks.

For GBC.AI Partnerships, collaborations, integrations, investment and more, contact:

William De’Ath
Chief Communications Officer



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