New age of AI integration to blockchain

Blockchain and AI industries has been developing independently from each other so far. There have been some attempts to integrate AI into the blockchain not very successful.
BrainyS and Z-Union announcing GBC.AI coming out from ghost mode.

Long-time partners form new entity

Brainys is a system integrator in the domain of AI with vast international experience. BrainyS team is always focused on bringing benefits of immersive technologies to businesses across the world.

Z-union is a team of engineers specialising in machine learning and deep learning. The team is focused on implementation of AI in different industries including:

● Fintech


● ProdTech (production)

● MedTech

● LegalTech

● R&D based on AI & Blockchain technologies

Key directions of development are:

● Predictive models and recommendation models

● Computer vision (recognition, classification, segmentation, video analysis, image generation, including Generative Adversarial Neural Networks)

● Natural language processing (text recognition and OCR, selection of entities)

● R&D at cutting edge of different technologies with focus on AI and Blockchain, Reinforcement learning

Combining experience and expertise of Z-Union and Brainys brings great possibilities and opportunities. We strongly believe that together we can achieve great goals and take blockchain development to the new level with implementation of AI.

GBC.AI — think tank for the blockchain industry

GBC.AI aims to become a think tank for integrating AI and blockchain. Our experience together with our expertise makes it possible for us to become one of the recognized blockchain industry experts and gain influence in the community of developers.

We introduce the concept of “blockchain guardian” — AI powered algorithms that help blockchains to evolve and develop by optimizing its settings within a certain time frame based on current activity, smart-contracts, number of transactions, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to create AI framework for blockchain industry. That means, that we create a set of tools that would allow usage of trained neural nets within blockchains. We want to provide developers with an easy to way to integrate AI into blockchain.

Every great journey starts with a single step. We want our framework to become industry standard like GPT-3 has become for natural language processing and provided opportunities for customers far from AI industry to integrate such solution in their services. With our team experience and expertise in both fields AI and blockchain, we think it’s a possible task for us to complete. It won’t be an easy task and it would require a lot of efforts and R&D work but ultimately, we are creating a breakthrough.

About BrainyS

BrainyS is an Australian company focused in the field of AI. We are a system integrator in the field of AI. Strong team of engineers and developers, together with our management team business background allows us to provide great service for our customers at a very competitive price.

BrainyS motto is “The most brilliant AI developers around the world creating the solutions you need”. That is probably what describes us best.

About Z-Union

Z-Union is Russia based company focused on developing cutting edge technologies and implementing AI in different industries. By today, we are in the industry for more than 10 years and have a track record of 300+ completed projects.

Bottom Line

We are finally thrilled to announce GBC.AI coming out from ghost mode. More than a year we were working hard to prove that AI can benefit for blockchain industry and the results very well above our initial expectations. Soon, we will start publishing details about our researches and test cases.

GBC.AI incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into all blockchains in a transformative way. We make blockchains smart.