The Metaverse is dead, long live the Metaverse!

Metaverse use cases and interest from industries with retail facing businesses is growing at a rapid velocity.

What happens when the networks that support these metaverses can’t scale with the growth and handle the volume of users? They stop working, glitch, drop, get hacked and spammed. Ultimately, at best, the user has a bad experience and moves to another metaverse or doesn’t use the beautiful shop or club space you just built. At worst, the user decides using the Metaverse is a waste of time and too much of a risk when someone just had a three million dollar NFT mask hacked (stolen) from them.

A Metaverse is like a tourist bus with a small engine which is fine on a flat road with one or two passengers, but when climbing up a narrow mountain road full of passengers, it simply grinds to a stop and can’t turn around or reverse. A bigger engine and road are needed to make the experience safe and deliver a fantastic experience.

The problem is that the engines and roads that support Metaverses and Web3 are Blockchains. These networks are very static and defined; they can’t grow with increased use, much like the bus engine as it starts its climb up that narrow mountain road. Not only are Blockchains used for Metaverses, but they also support NFTs, gaming, DeFi, DAO, commerce, social networking, travel, banking, healthcare, insurance, and infinitely more applications are coming. These use cases are growing too, and Blockchains can’t scale up or down when needed on demand.

We all have seen the issues some well-known Blockchains have experienced recently. If you were a company and thinking, let’s use Blockchain but read in news reports about Blockchains “dropping out” or “stopping “or “hacks”, would you risk using a Blockchain?

There is a solution to these scalability and security issues that Blockchains face.

Now, imagine each Blockchain is an island in the sea. Then imagine bridges and tunnels connecting those islands. GBC.AI makes the islands (blockchains) safe places to learn, evolve and react with intelligence. They make sure there are no traffic jams where everything stops moving (blockchain downtime), collapsed bridges or tunnels (hacks and attacks), while also allowing the islands, bridges and tunnels to grow to enable more users but not slow things down (speed).

Welcome to Blockchain 4.0 supported by the Blockchain Guardian. Artificial Intelligence at the core of all public and private blockchain networks.

Why risk your Metaverse venture ending up in the back of a Meta-Hearse; ask your Metaverse supplier or Blockchain what they are doing to protect your customer’s experience as you grow.

Guardians of the Blockchain — GBC.AI is here to help everyone with a great experience now and into the future, and they are leading blockchains towards intelligence.

Follow and join the GBC.AI community for the latest news, including new product launches and our utility token public launch coming in 2022.

For information, partnerships, collaborations, integrations, investment in currently open strategic investment utility token round and more, contact:

William De’Ath | Chief Communications & Business Development Officer |



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