Vinci integrates with GBC.AI “Wallet Guardian”, making the NFT space more secure and user-friendly

4 min readSep 1, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a futuristic vision; today, it is integrated into various sectors and plays a role in the modern world. Integrating AI with Blockchain technology makes the Blockchain world more adaptive and delivers a fantastic user experience. That is what “GBC.AI — Guardians of the Blockchain’’ does. They have introduced a “Blockchain Guardians” concept by creating Artificial Intelligence Security tools to enhance and protect Blockchain users and builders. Security is a significant issue in the Crypto asset space; we hear about hacks and thefts more frequently. So the Vinci team is collaborating with GBC.AI to make Vinci Protocol a safer and more user-friendly platform. We believe that their technology is essential for Vinci Protocol.

What is GBC.AI?

Guardians of the Blockchain — GBC.AI create Security tools supported by Artificial Intelligence to enhance and protect Blockchains users. Vulnerabilities are proactively dealt with before they become problems, keeping blockchains efficient and users safe while allowing for exponential growth.

Wallet Guardian” protects Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets investors’ wallets, providing “Do Your Own Research” with one click to detect malicious smart contracts before interacting.


What are we doing together?

The main goal of this collaboration is to make the NFT space more user-friendly and secure while avoiding fraud and theft. Vinci needs to track the NFTs’ history and “purity” with GBC.AI Wallet Guardian AI smart contract scanning before Vinci provides a DeFi lending position.

The team behind GBC.AI is super talented, with years of industry experience in both AI and Blockchain fields, which is another reason we are delighted to work with them. We are impressed with each other’s plans and are excited to work together and do something beneficial for the blockchain world. Besides the primary goal, this partnership significantly enhances the growth and prosperity of both organization’s ecosystems and community while delivering users a superior experience.

We will also be working together in the following areas.:

  • Building user-friendly products
  • Community Growth activities
  • Cross-marketing activities
  • Advisory activities
  • Security enhancement

Let’s see what new heights we can achieve with their Artificial intelligence technologies.

William De’Ath, CCO of GBC.AI, stated,

“Guardians of the Blockchain is delighted to work with Vinci's innovative team. NFT use cases are moving beyond collectability, and at GBC.AI, we want to help prevent fraudulent activity that will bring confidence to this segment of Blockchain technology. Vinci shares our vision of safe, secure, and sustainable growth with unparalleled user experiences.”

Florian Jersch, CEO of Vinci Protocol, stated,

“ NFTs resemble a family. It may sound absurd, but many who have a relationship with their NFTs and create art with them do not want to lose them. At Vinci, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into figuring out the problems that collaboration with GBC can resolve and eventually allowing me to fall asleep again. My first goal is ensuring the safety of our users.”

Stay tuned with Vinci and GBC.AI for more updates as this relationship develops.

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About Vinci Protocol

Vinci Protocol is an NFT-backed DeFi protocol designed to boost Liquidity with a lending platform and simultaneously hedge Volatility with NFT-backed derivative products. Vinci will deliver the generalized solutions for NFT lending and perpetual trading through the following architecture:

  • Compatible with Different Smart Contracts: These are generalized solutions that will allow access to different smart contract platforms, including EVM contracts for EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum and BSC, WASM contracts, and Substrate contracts, for the Polkadot Ecosystem.
  • NFT-backed Lending and Renting Platform: serves as the permissionless money market with NFT assets as the collateral. NFT holders can list their borrowing needs on the Vinci platform, enabling money lenders to respond to their requirements and liberating Liquidity.
  • Decentralized NFT-backed Perpetual DEX: serves as the fully non-custodial and decentralized perpetual market for NFT assets. NFT holders can deposit NFT assets, including collectables and GameFi items, as collateral to open perpetual contracts to hedge the Volatility of the NFT floor price.
  • Extreme Efficiency and Trader-friendly VinciVM: serves as the technical base layer of Vinci Protocol. It consists of an off-chain Market Maker Engine and an on-chain Settlement Engine. VinciVM is the core component and can be easily deployed on multiple NFT ecosystems to deliver an extremely efficient and low-cost trading UI/UX

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