We can see into the future, but that is not the only superpower we will share with you.

2 min readDec 15, 2021

Blockchain networks will be the technology behind all of our digital lives; Web3 with Metaverse, DeFi, Insuretech, logistics, identity, traceability and infinite other use cases. How will this technology deal with scaling, security, safety, reliability and more?

At GBC.AI, we are leaps ahead of the adoption curve, and we have the products to solve Blockchain issues now, and those humans cannot foresee.

In early 2022, we will launch the GBC.AI simulation framework to allow you to test your networks and protocols with our proven proprietary cutting edge neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Reduce the risk of successful attacks that bring your network to a standstill, increase your speed, add security and tell us what you need to improve or protect your public or private Blockchain.

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