“We set new standard” GBC.AI team shares their insight into the future of the industry

2 min readAug 11, 2021


Integrating AI into the blockchain is one the big issues for the industry. As more details about GBC.AI being uncovered, the founders are looking share details about the project.

How will AI change the blockchain industry?

Being created by blockchain engineers and AI engineers, GBC.AI combines the advantages of key tech aspects of the both industries. As it has been stated, before there were no successful attempts to integrate AI to the blockchain.

GBC.AI proved that it’s possible and has received great results. For now, it’s an empty field and the team is thrilled to develop new standards for the industry.

“What we’re doing — never has never been done before and it’s a great new experience for us. We’re pioneers in merging AI and blockchain. Within some time, I expect AI will be widely utilized within the blockchain industry” — said Robert Vasiliev, Chief of AI at GBC.AI

By engineers for engineers

GBC.AI is focused on R&D and we’re very proud that we share our results with the community. We plan to release our simulations, build SDK for simple AI to blockchain implementation.

We aim to create AI framework for blockchain industry. That means, that we create a set of tools that would allow usage of trained artificial neural networks within blockchains. We want to provide developers with an easy to way to integrate AI into blockchain.

Such framework will be based on created libraries of solutions at the junction of Deep learning technologies and blockchain.

Setting standards

With every new field, there are not set of rules. Our team, together with the community aims to set high and responsible standards. AI comes with its own challenges, working like a black box. It’s very important from the very beginning to set standards for the industry to follow.

We clearly understand challenges in front of us and how everything can go wrong. If AI algorithm operates in wrong way, not as intended it can lead to dramatic circumstances, up to blockchain being broken.

Despite all that, we believe, that AI brings a lot of benefits to the blockchain industry. The same way it has happened with different industries. This path can be long and difficult but after all it will surely be fruitful.

Summing up

After all, every great journey starts with a single step. We want our framework to become industry standard like GPT-3 has become for natural language processing and provided opportunities for customers far from AI industry to integrate such solution in their services. With our team experience and expertise in both fields AI and blockchain, we believe it’s a possible task for us to complete. It won’t be an easy task and it would require a lot of efforts and R&D work but ultimately, we are creating a breakthrough.




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